Experience with the Yarnell Fire 2013

How it was after the fire

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Residents of Peeples Valley were able to return to their homes on Saturday July 6. In Yarnell the evacuation order was lifted on July 8. Next step is to rebuild. As of July 12 we have to go ahead from insurance co (State Farm) to start the demolition. That page is literally and figuratively under construction; as I have photos showing progress they will be posted.

Thanks to our friends, loved ones and neighbors for the prayers, support and encouragement. Thanks to the firefighters, sheriffs, county officials and Red Cross as well as many other NGO's for their considerate help.

View from the air of the Glen Ilah neighborhood of Yarnell, fire retardant line is in red.

view from above

View of the cabin and garage site, circled.

picture of cabin site

View on the ground, looking toward the front of the house

view of front of house

View of the toward the house from the front gate

view from the gate

View from on top of the boulder behind the house

view from large boulder